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Welcome to Cowboys Update.

I first started the Cowboys Update to keep my father informed of the news regarding his and my favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys. My parents had moved into a condo that was not compatible with their DirecTV service that they had enjoyed while living in their house, thus my dad couldn’t watch the Cowboys every Sunday on the local TV broadcast on the east coast. I emailed him updates about the games, and tried to throw in some humor while I vented my frustrations about America’s Team (aka The Best Team In Football). Before my dad died, he encouraged me to continue writing the Updates because he thought they were funny, and he enjoyed the style in which they were written.
So, here’s to you, Dad. I hope you continue to enjoy reading the Updates over my shoulder.

To any newcomers to this site, I hope you enjoy them as well.
Dr. Cowboy

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September 29th, 2011

Your dad was right, God bless him. Cool site – finally some Political-Incorrectness for a change! Breath of fresh air, keep it up.

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