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Cowboys Nation,
This one was never in doubt. Even though the score, 27-24, and the fact that the Cowboys won it in overtime on the road, may seem otherwise, it was still never in doubt that the Cowboys would win this game against the ever-so-hated Redskins. I’ll list the reasons for your viewing pleasure.
First, Train Rex Grossman was the QB for the Redskins. When it comes to crunch time, he always comes through by throwing a crucial interception; this one in the fourth quarter caught by Orlando Scandrick.
Second, the Cowboys have DeMarcus Ware. Granted, he had only one sack in the game, but it was a critical play, also in the fourth quarter. Ware commanded double teams all day. But you can’t stop him, you can only hope to contain him.
Third, the Redskins have DeAngelo Hall covering Dez Bryant. At the end of the game, when the Cowboys need a big play to get into a position to win the game, Tony Romo knows where to go with the ball, and that is to Dez Bryant who can juke his way into the open leaving Hall to spin around aimlessly wondering what the hell just happened while his guy just made a game-winning catch. See third and 15 from the 48 yard line in OT.
Fourth, Jason Garrett actually committed to the run, even though it was not paying off big time in this game. He stuck with DeMarco Murray, who gained less than 100 yards, and made the Redskins stay in the box to defend the run instead of abandoning it early in the game and making the Cowboys one dimensional. Tough, hard-nosed football won this game.
Fifth, the Cowboys won the turnover battle 2-0 in this game. Taking that kind of good care of the football produces a win greater than 85% of the time.
Sixth, rookie kicker Dan Bailey is money. The kid from Oklahoma State has not missed since week two against the 49ers; which was the simplest of chip shots that should have been made. My take is that he got his head straight after that miss, and he won’t ever do it again.
And finally, the Dallas Cowboys have Tony Romo as their quarterback. Cool under fire, able to slide away from pressure, accurate on both the short pass and down the field, Romo led his team to another dramatic overtime road win that had the Redskins writhing in pain that they let their most bitter rival win another one. You can tell I’m all broken up about it. Tony went 23 of 37 for 292 yards, 3 TD’s and no interceptions. He was sacked four times, but never gave the ball away. His ribs are healed, and he’s playing at a level that can win a championship right now. Let’s do this!

The Cowboys are now in first place in the NFC East, sharing the record of 6-4 with the New Jersey Vagiants, but owning a better divisional record to put them on top. As I had mentioned before in this very space, the Cowboys have games against very beatable opponents in the next two weeks, whereas the Giants have to play the Saints and Packers, two division leaders. After that, they get to play our very own Dallas Cowboys in Texas, so that they can complete their 1-5 journey through the middle of their schedule, leaving them at 6-7 with three games to play.

Eli Update: In the fourth quarter, driving his team down the field for the tying touchdown, She-li gets sacked by Jason Babin of the Philadelphia E-girls, fumbling, dashing the hopes of all the fans in the New Jersey Swamplands as the E-girls recovered the fumble, sending She-li off the field to watch the ensuing kneel-downs, sealing victory for Philadelphia. Remember: you can’t spell sidelines without Eli.

Next up for the Best Team In Football is the annual Thanksgiving game hosted by The Best Team In Football. This is an annual tradition, held by many to be a sacred ritual: eat the turkey and watch the Cowboys win. This year’s victim is the Miami Dolphins. Both teams come into this contest with a three game winning streak. However, only the Cowboys will go into next week with a four game winning streak. The Dolphins have recently gotten it together, finding a way to beat teams that are beatable (Redskins, Bills, Chiefs), but they still have a quarterback who is a back-up at best in Matt Moore. The Cowboys know this because Moore was on the Cowboys roster before he was cut, as the Cowboys tried to slide him onto the practice squad a few years ago but Miami claimed him off waivers. That’s one disadvantage of having Miami’s head coach, Tony Sparano, being a former Cowboys assistant. Oh well. The Cowboys have the advantage (Romo over Moore) and will win this game.
The keys to victory will be rushing the ball consistently with DeMarco Murray, Tony continuing to not throw interceptions, and the Cowboys defense putting heavy pressure on Moore, who is still greener than baby poop. The Dolphins actually have a really good run defense, not allowing a 100 yard rusher all year. Even if Murray doesn’t eclipse the 100 yard mark, Garrett still needs to run him all day. Make them respect the run, and then Tony can pick apart their secondary.

Prediction: Cowboys 26 – Fish 21
This will be a closer game than most people think. The Dolphins are gaining confidence and could have won a few games at the beginning of the year instead of starting out 0-7. The Cowboys have to be careful and not get overconfident, or else they will be in danger of letting this one go. Take care of business, and beat down an inferior opponent. That’s job one. Kill Joe!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in Cowboys Nation!
Go Cowboys!

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