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Cowboys Nation,
It took long enough, six games in fact, but the Dallas Cowboys actually played a game in which they LOOKED like the Dallas Cowboys. Finally.

The Best Team In Football is now at .500, sitting in second place in the NFC East at 3-3. We, the Cowboys faithful, all know that they should be 6-0 at this point in the season, and at the forefront of the conversation of who is the league’s best… but they’re not. This is usually the part of the weekly rant in which I vent my frustrations with America’s Team… but I’m not. Jason Garrett and Rob Ryan did such an excellent job of taking care of business against the Rams last Sunday that I have very little to complain about. Tony Romo played within himself, throwing for 166 yards on 14 completions in 24 attempts, with 2 touchdowns. More importantly though is the fact that he did not throw any interceptions, and his two touchdown passes were both red zone scores. Maybe Red Ball is starting to think like a real NFL head coach. His team certainly showed that they can play like a real NFL team. They finished off the Lambs with a goal line fourth quarter stop, holding them to a single score on the day. I had predicted a final score of 38-6. It was 34-7. I’ll take it; and I accept your apology.

The big story of the day was rookie running back DeMarco Murray, who after not getting the start behind Tashard Choice, lit up the Lambs defense for 253 yards and one touchdown on 25 carries, highlighted by his 91 yard score on the Cowboys’ first possession of the game. Garrett later put in Phillip Tanner, I’m sure because Murray was tired of running through the huge holes that the offensive line created all day, and he promptly rushed for 34 yards and a touchdown on 6 carries. That’s a 5.6 yards per carry average. Choice is officially no longer needed. The new Cowboys backfield three-headed monster is Felix, Murray and Tanner. Write it down.
Jerry should have gotten a third round pick for Choice when he had the chance. Silly billionaire. Thinks he knows football.

Next up for the Cowboys is a trip to Philly to play the E-girls. They are coming off their bye week, and E-girls head coach Andy “Fat Boy” Reid is 12-0 after the bye. It’s going to be fun watching the Cowboys break that streak. E-girls official spokesman, Dick Cumstain, said in a prepared statement, “The Cowboys players had better watch out if they plan on hitting Michael Vick this week. It’s just not fair that they have really big, fast guys like DeMarcus Ware that can hit poor Michael. We’ve already complained to the commissioner about Mike’s concussions, but over the break there was considerable concern regarding possible ruptured ovarian cysts and vaginal bleeding. But it just turned out that Vick had a really bad period this month. We’ve ordered lots of Midol, so everything ought to be ok for Sunday.”
Gosh, I hope the Dallas defense doesn’t rip his skirt as they try to tackle him. It is still tackle football, right? Kill Joe.

Prediction: Cowboys 30 – E-girls 21
Tony will take care of the ball and the defense will not give up the big plays that have plagued them against Philly in the past. Most of Romo’s mistakes have been when he tries to hit Dez on the 20 yard sideline pattern, and with the E-girls corners looking to jump that route, I wouldn’t even try it. Use the middle of the field, take advantage of their poor play at the linebacker position, and play a ball control offensive game plan. Let them get frustrated and try for the big plays. That’s when the Cowboys can take advantage on defense and create turnovers. The E-girls have only two wins, both over two of the teams that the Cowboys have already beaten as well. But you can throw out the records when these two teams meet Sunday night. It will be a win for Dallas; just not as easy of a win as we saw against St. Louis. The Cowboys won their last nationally televised prime time game, the Monday night contest against Washington. Before that, they had lost seven in a row. Get your team fired up, Garrett. You need this win.

Go Cowboys!

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