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Cowboys Nation,

I realize that it’s still only training camp, but we’ve got some problems. The Cowboys lost TE John Phillips (no relation to Wade) for the year due to a ruptured ACL in his right knee in the second quarter of the Hall of Fame game against the Bungles. Then, in practice, Marc Colombo sprained his MCL, and a few days later Kyle Kosier sprained his MCL, and both guys are out for the rest of preseason and may miss a few regular season games as well. That, on top of the usual banged up walking wounded that the entire team suffers, severely limits the offensive line’s ability to protect Tony Romo – the heart and soul of this team. The Cowboys can win with a backup at any and all positions on the field except quarterback.

So far, the Cowboys have been picking up right where they left off last season; they can’t score in the red zone. The Cowboys were third in total offense last year (yards from scrimmage) but only 14th in scoring. On the other side of the ball, the total defense ranked 9th, but were third in points allowed. If the Cowboys can step it up and SCORE, and be the #3 team in the league in both points scored and fewest points allowed, then that’s a difficult combination to beat. Right now, in the two preseason games we’ve seen against Cincinnati and Oakland, Tony Romo & Co. drive the ball very well in between the twenties, and then out comes the field goal unit. It’s like seeing her from across the bar, buying her a few drinks, chatting her up for a few hours, getting her back to your place, and then you pass out. You’ve got a good game, but you never score. Let’s see how the ‘Boys do against San Diego Sat. night. I think we’ll be fine as long as Tony stays healthy.

NFL News: We were all shocked that Brett Favre came back to play another season, right? Like I said before, he doesn’t like training camp, but he does like playing football for 13 million dollars a season.

Darrelle Revis, on the other hand, may not play at all this year, much to the dismay of Jets fans. (Sorry RB)

The play of the week goes to She-li Manning, as he changes the play in his head and doesn’t tell any of his teammates, collides with running back Brandon Jacobs in the backfield dislodging his helmet, then gets jacked in between the shoulder blades by speed rusher Calvin Pace, whiplashing his helmet completely off his head while fumbling, as he is driven face-first into the safety Jim Leonhard, cutting his forehead, leaving him in a heap on the turf with a face full of blood. It was a thing of beauty. It was like Mr. Bill plays football: Ohh Noo! I changed the play! Ohh Noo! I ran into my own guy! Ohh noo! Oooommph, Smash, mummph, urrgh. Ohh Noo! I’m bleeding!

Go to http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/blog/shutdown_corner/post/Eli-Manning-takes-12-stitches-and-blame-for-gett?urn=nfl-263000 for the video. It’s priceless.

Regarding the last post: you can find the reference about the Jack Russell terrier at http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1300339/Dog-saves-drunk-owners-life-chewing-infected-big-toe-html?ito=feeds-newsxml

Go Cowboys!

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August 31st, 2010

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