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Cowboys Nation,

After having presented himself as a rookie WR Diva by refusing to play along with the NFL tradition of rookies carrying the pads of the veterans, Dez Bryant suffered a high ankle sprain at the end of practice last Friday. Was it just a freak accident when backup QB Jon “Psycho boy” Kitna threw a deep ball behind Dez, who then got tangled up with CB Orlando Scandrick, twisting Dez’s ankle like a corkscrew? (Kinda like opening a beer bottle with a torque wrench) Or was it the Universe making a hot dog cool off a little bit? In either case, Dez is now sidelined for the proverbial 4-6 weeks, effectively ending his training camp and slowing his development as an impact player. It will probably be mid-October before Dez sees significant playing time.

There will always be bumps and bruises and setbacks during training camp; that’s expected. There’s just been too much hype surrounding Dez to not think that this type of injury was not ‘meant to be’. Like the ghost of Tom Landry simply had to knock this kid down a few notches, just to let him know that, in the future, nothing is to be taken for granted.

DFN Report: And speaking of taking things for granted, has anyone noticed that Brett Favre doesn’t like training camp? Duh. Of course he’s going to play this year. He’s Brett Frickin’ Favre! He’s not even holding out for more money. He’s holding himself out of training camp because he’s old and doesn’t want to do it. Can’t all the people at ESPN grasp this concept? I guess it makes for good TV drama and air-time filler on otherwise slow news days. Get over it. He’s going to play. Move on.

Next up, Darrelle Revis, CB Jets. This guy is holding out for more money, violating his current contract… which he held out for three years ago! Dude, make up your mind! Right now, Revis is holding the Jets hostage so that he can be paid more than any other cornerback in the league, if not any other defensive player in the league. What do you bet, once this contract impasse is finally settled, that Revis gets injured just like Dez? Karma has a way of biting you in the ass, much like a Jack Russell terrier chewing off your infected diabetic toe.

The pre-season gets underway this Sunday night with the Cowboys playing in the Hall of Fame game against the Cincinnati Tiger-pussies. Cincy now has 6 ex-Cowboys on their roster, including new addition T.O. Look for Tony Romo and Co. to only play a series or two, and then the rest of the game will be all backups. No use in predicting a score; it’s only pre-season.

I’ll have my annual predictions for the season later in training camp, where, as usual, I’ll have the Cowboys winning the Super Bowl.

I know you’re all shocked.

Go Cowboys!

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August 5th, 2010

“Jack Russell terrier chewing off your infected diabetic toe?” I wanna hear that story

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