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Cowboys Nation,

Jerry Jones pulled the trigger on our first-round-draft-pick-back-up-linebacker-special-teams-player-nepotistic-Parcells-pick Bobby Carpenter, and finally got rid of him. Oh happy day! A weight room workout warrior does not necessarily translate into an on the field standout player, as Barbie has demonstrated throughout his 4-year career in Dallas. The Cowboys traded Carpenter for Alex Barron, Left Tackle from the St. Louis Rams, who has started 74 games in his 5-year career. He was the 20th pick in the first round of the 2005 draft. Carpenter was the 19th pick in the first round the following year. Carpenter has one start in four years. Barron is oft-penalized and ill-focused, and gives up more sacks than any other LT in the league. He needs a check-up from the neck up before he can be trusted with Tony’s blind side.

This looks like the proverbial Change of Scenery trade. Maybe one or both of these much-maligned players will grow into a solid player worthy of their respective draft position status with their new team. Maybe not.

Look at the Saints, aka Dallas-Southeast. Former Cowboys backups Scott Shanle, Remi Ayodele, and Scott Fujita, as well as Coach Sean Payton, all have Super Bowl rings now, while Wade & Co. are still trying to find that certain something that wins in the Playoffs. Apparently a change of scenery did them all some good. (I have a sudden urge to have a Falstaff with Sheryl Crow.)

Is it coaching? Is it ownership? Is it Tony Romo? Was it Flozell Adams or Bobby Carpenter?

What exactly is it that the Cowboys need to change in order to win the Super Bowl? I know this for sure: Flozell and Barbie will never win one; and I’ll take a backup LT with five years of starting experience over a backup LB with one career start any day. Maybe on some metaphysical, psychic, feng shui level getting rid of those two players puts the Cowboys in better position to win, regardless of their athletic ability. Kinda like getting rid of T.O. Change the mojo, improve your team.

I see Barron backing up Colombo at RT, Brewster backing up Free at LT, and moving McQuistan inside to LG backing up Kosier. As it stands, I like our Offensive Line.

With our new 2nd round pick Penn State LB, Sean Lee, (strangely similar to Shanle) I think we’ve upgraded over Barbie. Penn St > Ohio St. And, nobody is pissed off that we drafted Lee; unlike the Carpenter pick in ’06. Mojo upgrade.

NFL News:

Der Furor Roger Goodell has officially determined that Wade Wilson’s use of HGH to treat his type-I diabetes is a more egregious offense than Ben Roethlisberger getting an underage college coed drunk and having questionable consensual sex in a public bathroom. Big Ben got a 6 game suspension, which can be reduced to 4 games if Ben undergoes “treatment” and “cooperates”… ie. he gives Goodell some phone numbers and promises to never be a bad boy again.

Rookie of the Year Brian Cushing, LB Houston Texans, got suspended for the first four games of the 2010 season for using steroids, but the AP did not take away his post-season award. Again, we see the performance enhancing drug use getting a lighter sentence than physician-prescribed medication. How do I get elected Commissioner?

I’ll continue the rant later.

Go Cowboys!

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