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Cowboys Nation,

While I sincerely appreciate the fierce defense of the Update, and its contents, we must forgive the ignorance (it is blissful) of those who just don’t understand what it means to be a fan of The Best Team In Football, The Dallas Cowboys.

Now I’m not here to personally attack anyone on the mailing list, yet I feel that some may need a gentle reminder that this is NOT a public forum to vent your frustrations regarding the attempts at comedic prose by yours truly, and it will not garner any future responses baiting a fight.

Any personal insults will be directed only toward those whom I have known for over 30 years.(ex. Chocolate eichelberger) Otherwise, the Updates, sophomoric as they may be, will continue to throw jabs, meaningless as they may be, at millionaire athletes (queer as they may be) that will never know it has happened.

If anyone feels compelled to throw insults back at the Cowboys players, please do so in your own newsletter, to your own team’s fans…not mine. It has nothing to do with epidermal depth, just respect and decency, however offended you may be.

I’m looking forward to the Carolina game, not looking back at the week 2 loss to a clearly inferior team that got lucky.

Keep f*n that chicken.

Go Cowboys!

p.s. Sorry about the lateness of this supplemental reply. I spent the majority of my morning diagnosing a 66 year old lady with lymphoma. I’ll find out after the biopsy if it’s Hodgkin’s or NHL. Sometimes we need to be reminded that there are more important things than whining about your football team. You don’t know what heat is.

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