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Cowboys Nation,

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for (well…at least some of us have been waiting for it; Roger, do you care?) Opening Day! Yes, the Cowboys, aka The Best Team In Football, open the season on the road in Tampa on Sunday against the newly rearranged Buccaneers. The Bucs seem confused at best. They just fired their Offensive Coordinator because his offense was offensive…and uncoordinated. The proverbial unco-tard. He used to be the head coach at Boston College, and he lasted the whole preseason in Tampa. Our defense should look good this weekend. It’s time to kill Joe.

Ok. I was wrong. Please note the date and time, because it won’t happen again. (Editor’s note: he’s always fucking wrong) Jesse Holley was not the first guy cut from camp. He actually made the practice squad. His only redeeming quality in the preseason was his return of an oddly bouncing punt 82 yards for a TD in the final preseason game against the Favre-less Vikings. I guess Holley was forgiven for his fumble in the third preseason game against the Forty-whiners.

At least I was right about cutting Stanback, the oft-injured project that never panned out. I’m also glad they kept Ogletree. I‘d like to see this kid become the next Drew Pearson.

Real Predictions: Super Bowl match-up: Dallas vs. New England

Sunday: Cowboys 34 – Tampa Bay 13

Go Cowboys!

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