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Cowboys Faithful,

So it appears that Brett Favre will not play Friday night in Minnesota against The Best Team In Football in the fourth and final (yea!) preseason game, the most meaningless one unless you’re on the bubble. Favre isn’t on the bubble in Minnesota, he’s on life support. He doesn’t know the offense because he missed training camp. He missed training camp because he doesn’t know if his body could withstand the physical punishment of two-a-days. The Vikings are holding him out of the game so that our most manly Cowboys don’t (kill Joe) create the Brett Favre Memorial Hashmark in the Metrodome. (Did they stop calling that place the Hubert H. Humphrey dome?) It doesn’t matter…much like this game.

The issues for Cowboys Nation are injuries, and who makes the final 53-man roster cut. I’ve said this before, we need to release Stanback. We’ve been fishing with him for two years; it’s time to cut bait. Kevin Ogletree has outperformed Stanback all through camp. The only way we keep Stanback is for a kick returner.

The injury situation has been tough on us so far this preseason, but mostly confined to the new rookies on the team. It’s a little strange. Our starters are really healthy right now, but we have no backups; unless you count our favorite number one draft choice special teams player Barbie Carpenter. I doubt the waiver wire will produce much, but we did pick up a linebacker from the Colts, Curtis Johnson, who looks like he can come in and contribute. Maybe Barbie can give him a welcome-to-the-team blow job, and afterwards, Johnson can call him ‘bitch’.

DFN Report: Brett Favre.

Go Cowboys!

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