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Cowboys Nation,

Apparently Jerry Jones went the ‘quantity over quality’ route this year in the draft and ended up selecting 12 guys in rounds 3-7. He traded down, out of the second round, after the guy he wanted (Max Unger) had been taken off the board just two picks ahead of us. If Jerry had done what I thought he was going to do, or what I wanted him to do – which was to package picks to move UP – then we would have landed a future starter in the second round, instead of moving down to draft backups.

It looks to me like JJ was taking a more ‘Jimmy Johnson approach’ to this year’s draft, in that he took a bunch of guys that instantly improved our team speed. That’s never a bad thing, but we’re now in a wait and see position to find out if any of these guys can actually play at the next level. They say that Jason Williams can come in and play the nickel ILB since Kevin Burnett left via free agency. (that’s Inside Linebacker with five defensive backs for those of you scoring at home… or even if you’re by yourself)

Here’s what we did: We had eleven picks: #’s 51, 69, 101, 117, 156, 166, 172, 197, 208, 210 and 227.

We traded #51 to the “Three Dollar” Bills for picks 75 and 110.

We traded #’s 156 and 210 to the Falcons for pick # 143.

We traded #117 to Tampa Bay for picks 120 and 229.

We ended up with 12 picks: #’s 69, 75, 101, 110, 120, 143, 166, 172, 197, 208, 227 and 229.

Brian’s Detroit City Kitties did in fact select QB Matt Stafford with the number one overall pick, essentially breaking the bank in the process. I was wrong on that one. (Editor’s note: He’s always fucking wrong, if you haven’t noticed that by now.) RB’s Jets moved up twelve spots to grab QB Mark Sanchez with the 5th overall pick, giving up three veterans and two draft picks in the trade. Dude, sorry I dissed your new quarterback so hard in the last update. I guess if the Jets didn’t get Cutler, then they needed somebody. He’s on the east coast now, so I guess that makes him dirty Sanchez rather than nasty. (still haven’t heard what they call it in Houston)

Now we get to see who gets injured in mini-camp.

Go Cowboys!

Kill Joe!