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Gosh, how do I put this? We suck.

As the E-girls continued to capitalize on our holiday spirit of giving (ie. turnovers) Wade Phillips stood there on the sideline like a vacant mouth-breather with his thumb up his ass and did nothing. Way to go, Wade. Good coaching job, Wade. A nutless monkey could do your job with better results, Wade. Seriously, a nutless monkey.

We turned the ball over twice with two fumbles in the red zone in the opening minutes of the second half, both of which were returned for touchdowns. If we convert those into our own TD’s, then it’s a 27-17 game. We would have been in it. We lose the ball twice just before halftime on a Tony Romo interception and a Pacman fumble, which the E-girls convert into a touchdown and a field goal. Even if we don’t score before halftime, and just run out the clock, it’s only 17-3 at half instead of 27-3. That’s some great coaching there. Our offense looked pitiful. We may as well have had on Santa suits for all the gift–giving we did on the field. Merry Christmas, Philadelphia.

On the bright side, at least we can’t lose in the playoffs.

All predictions aside, I’m now pulling for Carolina to win it all. I think I might just shit a Buick if the Giants or the Steelers win another Super Bowl.

Happy New Year!

I’ll continue the rant next year. And, as always,

Go Cowboys!

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