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Dear Cowboys Faithful,

One week after playing a great game against the Giants, we send Texas Stadium off with a real stinker. If we play like that, we deserve to lose. I mean, giving up two long runs of 77 and 82 yards in the closing minutes of a tight game is absolutely unacceptable. It’s called tackling…look into it.

Now we have to beat the E-girls in Philly to make the playoffs. It’s that simple. Win, we’re in. Lose, and go home. Our playoffs start Sunday afternoon.

Prediction: Cowboys 23 – E-girls 13

The Redskins just beat them, so we should be able to do the same. It’s time to suck it up and play like you want to win. It’s time to kill Joe.

Playoff predictions: NFC

#1 seed NYG first round bye

#2 seed Carolina first round bye

#3 seed Minnesota

#4 seed Arizona

#5 seed Atlanta

#6 seed Dallas

Atlanta goes to the desert and beats the Cardinals; Cowboys go to Minnesota and beat the Vikings.

Then the Falcons go to Carolina and lose, and the Cowboys go to the swamplands of Jersey and beat the Giants.

NFC Championship game: Dallas beats the Panthers in Carolina

AFC predictions:

#1 seed Titans first round bye

#2 seed Pittsburgh first round bye

#3 seed Miami

#4 seed San Diego

#5 seed Indianapolis

#6 seed Baltimore

The Ravens go to Miami and beat the Dolphins: the Colts go to San Diego and beat the Chargers.

Baltimore loses to the Titans in Tennessee, and the Colts beat Pittsburgh.

AFC Championship game: Indy beats the Titans in Nashville.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

Go Cowboys!

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