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Cowboys Nation,

We all know what wins championships: DEFENSE. Since being called out, Wade Phillips has actually been coaching the defense, and he’s doing a good job. Our DC, Brian Stewart, needs to be updating his resume right about now because he sucked when our defense was his responsibility earlier in the year. Our defense looked great against She-li and co. Sunday night at Texas Stadium. We are now looking like we were supposed to look all along; dominant. That was no mistake the Cowboys made in giving Demarcus Ware # 94. The last guy to wear that number was Charles Haley. The last time we had a good pass rush was with, you guessed it, Charles Haley. We sacked She-li 8 times, and intercepted him twice. Three of those sacks were by Ware, both picks by Newman. Demarcus set the tone early by sacking Manning on the first play the Giants had from scrimmage. We held the Giants to no touchdowns, the first game in over two years for them to not reach the end zone (Manning’s favorite place, if ya know what I mean). Tony looked good, and did not turn the ball over. Last week against Pittsburgh, that was the only reason why we lost. We committed five turnovers, four of them on Romo; hard to beat any team with those numbers, much less a good team like the Steelers. But it was nice to see someone (us) knock the shit out of Eli Manning.

Now we turn our sights to the Ravens, who visit Texas Stadium for the first time for the last game ever to be played there. At the beginning of the season, it looked like a scheduling mishap. Why would anyone with any sense of history want the Cowboys to play Baltimore in the last game ever at Texas Stadium? Why not an NFC East rival? Well, now it looks as though there was some premonition running through the NFL’s tiny brain after all. The Ravens are fighting for their own playoff lives, as are we. This is turning out to be one of those proverbial do-or-die games for both sides. We’re also looking at two of the best defenses in the league going at each other on Saturday night. Look for Roy WR Williams to finally have a breakout game. T.O. will likely get double coverage all night. If we can somehow make Tony’s game-losing interception against Pittsburgh be his last one of the season, then I think we will, in fact, win the Super Bowl. If Romo continues to throw picks, especially at crucial times, then our chances for another title are nil.

Prediction: Cowboys 16 – Ravens 12

This game will be all about defense. Kill Joe.

OK. I get emails on suggestions for new recipients for the DFN Award. There’s no DFN this week, but I do have some other awards to hand out.

The DFP Award: Gov. Blagojevich, D-Illinois. For some reason this guy thought it would be ok to sell a Senate seat for cash and assorted political favors, and then deny any wrongdoing. “Oops, I forgot to not solicit bribes.” Moron.

The DFJ Award: Bernard Madoff, Securities Investment Advisor/ Ponzi schemer. It looks as though Bernie “made off” with billions of other people’s dollars. “Oops, I forgot to not dupe my clients.”

The DFF Award: Blake Gideon, Freshman Safety, Univ. of Texas. Can’t catch the easiest lollipop floater for an interception in the Texas Tech game which ultimately leads to Texas being denied a trip to the Big 12 Championship game and thus the BCS Title game. This also cost Colt McCoy the Heisman Trophy. “Oops, I forgot to catch the most important ball of my life.” I see duct tape, and a jock full of Atomic Balm, in his future.

Go Cowboys!

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