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Happy Thanksgiving to all.

This is our uniquely American holiday, and we, as Americans, celebrate it by overeating and watching America’s Team play football. God I love this country!

I think the best job in America would be to be the NFL commissioner. You get to arbitrarily hand down fines and suspensions with no real guideline to follow, just the whim of your fancy. You get to ignore that the sport you govern is the most gambled upon sport in the world. You get to admonish players and coaches for their behavior that does not affect the games, and turn a blind eye toward the referees whose blatantly missed calls do affect the games and the millions of dollars bet on them and the point spreads. You even get to be the leader of an industry that has players of a game that don’t know that they can end in a tie! Oh, and you get to be a prick about it because you’re not really an elected official. Man, I want that job. Sadly, I went to medical school instead of law school, so it’s not likely to happen. Maybe I should have gone to suck-up-kiss-ass-ignore-the-issues Nazi training school like Mein Her Der Furor Goodell, and then maybe I could get that sweet job.

Our beloved Dallas Cowboys are now in the stretch run of the season, and winning has never been more important than now. After beating the forty-whiners by 13 points last Sunday, we get our traditional 3 days rest and play Seattle on Thursday this week. The Romo-to Owens connection seemed to get a wake up call with T.O. getting 213 yards receiving, and our defense played well in the red zone for once. And how about Carlos Polk getting signed a few weeks ago, activated to play for the first time this year, and comes in and blocks a punt for a safety! Where’s that been all year?

Four of our last six games of the season are at home this year. We need to take advantage of that and win those games. It looks like we’re going to have to do to the Giants what they did to us last year, which is beat them on the road in the playoffs. We could very well end up with the second best record in the NFC, and only be the 5th seed in the playoffs because we did not win our division. If that ends up being the case, then we could be favored to beat a division winner on the road in the playoffs. Rare, to say the least.

Prediction: Cowboys 31 – Seahawks 21

They’re better than their record. We need to put the hammer down. We can’t let Julius Jones come back to Texas Stadium and beat us.

BCS News: Texas is still ranked ahead of OU, even with the one-loss ménage a’trois at the top of the Big 12 South with Texas Tech. The Longhorns’ ten point win over OU is turning out to be bigger than we thought it would be. I think Florida will beat Alabama in the SEC Championship game, and Texas should beat up on A&M on Thanksgiving night and then dispose of Missouri (again) in the Big 12 Championship game, setting up a really good BCS Championship game between Texas and Florida. The LOUsers will just have to sit at home and watch Texas win another national title. Hook’em Horns!

I’ll continue the rant next week. Can someone get me two pickets to Titsburgh?

Go Cowboys!

p.s. Will somebody please smack the shit out of Eli Manning?

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