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I love the smell of pounding the ball down the Redskins’ throat in the fourth quarter. It smells like victory.

Cowboys Nation, that was a satisfying performance that The Best Team In Football displayed for the world to see on national television on Sunday night. I know that Tony still has a bad grip on the ball with his finger injury, and that he had two interceptions deep in Deadskin territory to keep the game much closer than it should have been, but MB3 looked the part of Barbarian like he had yet to show all season, and that is why it was satisfying. He gets a game ball. Workhorse, stud, bruiser, pick a word; he was it.

Terrence Newman also had his best game of the year to date on Sunday night. Shutting down Santana Moss, getting a pick, and actually making tackles will go a long way toward winning. He gets a game ball, too. Good thing we called him out and he cleared that nasty.

Now we have two consecutive home games against clearly inferior NFC West teams, the Forty-Whiners and Seattle. Both teams are a whopping 3-7 right now, and we need to take care of business in a huge way. Blocking and tackling. Blocking and tackling. Broken record fundamentals.

Prediction: Cowboys 34 – SF 6

Go Cowboys!

Kill Joe!

Hook’em Horns!

p.s. Just got back from New England. I highly recommend the twins for $14.99. Go to the Round Rock Inn in Hampton/Seabrook, New Hampshire. Ask for Darcy.

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