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Cowboys Nation,

It’s Redskins week again, and we really need this win. With Tony Romo back in the lineup, our Offense should not be as anemic as it has been over the last three games. Brad “Check Down” Johnson just couldn’t get the ball past the line of scrimmage. It looked like he was throwing a shot put, not a football. This will also be our first opportunity to see Roy WR Williams in the lineup as a starter. If we can get T.O. and Roy off to a hot start in this game then we might just have a chance to beat the Deadskins. Of course, a lot of our success (or lack thereof) will have to do with our O-line showing up to play or not. Maybe Flozell can come out of his early retirement for this game now that his left side of the line mate Kyle Kosier is back from his pedicure injury. Oh, and Terrence Newman’s vaginal infection seems to have cleared also. Ain’t that a bitch when there’s too much cheese on the taco?

I was watching MNF this week (a game in which the 49ers should have beaten the Cards, having had a first and goal at the two with 40 seconds left in the game) and I was fascinated by the post-game interview with Cardinals QB Kurt Warner, the recipient of this week’s False Piety Award. ESPN’s Suzy Kolber asked Warner, “what were you thinking when they had the ball down there at the goal line?” Warner replied, “I was just hoping our Defense could stop them.” Kolber followed up, “what were you thinking when they stopped them?” Warner responded, “I was thinking how awesome God is.” I’m going to start using that line as a standard response to questions.

“Hey Vice-President Cheney, what were you thinking just after you shot your friend in the face with your shotgun?” “Oh, uh, I was just thinking how awesome God is.” Not too shabby. It probably works in all sorts of situations. “Hey there young alterboy, what were you thinking when the priest….” I think I’ll stop there.

What we need is a ten game winning streak, finishing 12-4, with a first round bye, two playoff victories, and capped off with our sixth Super Bowl win. But first we have to beat the Foreskins in Maryland.

Prediction: Cowboys 27 – Wash. 23

Kill Joe!

Go Cowboys!

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