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Cowboys Nation,

This is the tough part of the year when even worthy players find themselves jobless in the NFL market. It’s not easy for the ones who get cut, and it may be even more difficult for the ones doing the cutting. The tricky part is trying to get someone that you really want to keep onto your practice squad that may not be ready just yet to be on your 53 man roster, but he may be too good to clear waivers first. That’s why I’m really rooting for Danny Amendola to make the roster this year, because I don’t think he’ll clear waivers, and some other team will pick him up. He’s a diamond in the rough type of player, a possession receiver with great hands. He just can’t fumble the ball away on punt returns and expect to stay.

Here’s the list of players I expect to get cut:

Jay Ottovegio, P won’t beat out Mat McBriar for the job

Richard Bartel, QB unlikely that we’ll keep 3 QB’s (practice squad)

Mark Bradford, WR rookie free-agent

Daniel Polk, WR rookie free-agent

Todd Lowber, WR (T-Lo) rookie free-agent, may get lucky and make the team, but unlikely (practice squad)

Alonzo Coleman, RB may make the practice squad

Keon Lattimore, RB may make the practice squad

Quincy Butler, CB just not good enough with our set of corners this year

Tyler Everett, CB never really got the opportunity with all the guys in front of him

Julius Crosslin, FB rookie free-agent

Rodney Hannah, TE no way we keep 4 tight ends

Ronnie Cruz,FB maybe the practice squad, but more likely to continue his journeyman status in the NFL

Dowayne Davis, S hard to keep a guy who can’t spell his own name

Darrell Robertson, DE rookie free-agent with too many good players ahead of him

Khari Long, LB could be another year on the practice squad, but is a good special teams player

Tyson Smith, LB may make the practice squad

Tearrius George, LB too many people ahead of him

Marcus Smith, DE needs more development

Adam Stenavich, G served as a practice dummy

Junior Siavii, DT journeyman player

Cory Lekkerkerker, T journeyman player

Mike Jefferson, WR not enough room on the team, but played well in preseason

Drew Atchison, TE see Rodney Hannah, above

Marcus Dixon, DE rookie free-agent, too low on the depth chart

Remi Ayodele, NT this is a tough one, was on the team last year, but with Ratliff and Tank in front of him, he’s the odd man out

That’s 25 cuts. We have 79 on the current roster, and we have to cut down to 53. That leaves one more cut to make. It could be Alan Ball, CB or Courtney Brown, S or Justin Rogers, LB… all of whom should be on someone’s team, if not ours. The last cut is always the hardest one to make.

That’s my assessment of the projected cuts. The next update will have my predictions for the ’08 season.

Go Cowboys!

p.s. kill Joe

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Cowboys Nation,

We’re not as bad as we look, but we’re not as good as we think we are. There. That about sums up the preseason so far.

Tony looks good. He’s making all the reads and throws necessary to be a great QB in this league. Witten and T.O. continue to perform like the All-Pro’s that they are. Our running backs MB3, Jones, and Choice all look good, as does Anderson, our FB, but after that the talent level drops off considerably. Our O-line is excellent, and this was the weak area of our offense in years past (not last year) when we used to suck (Dave Campo years). We have the same starting 5 from last year, and the working chemistry should only be getting better. If our younger and more inexperienced WR’s can produce this season then we’ll be in good shape.

Zach Thomas may end up being the best pick up ever for The Best Team In Football. Sideline to sideline, over the middle, and behind the line of scrimmage, he’s hard to block out of the play, and he’s always around the ball. Akin who? Now if we can only get our favorite number one draft pick Special (Ed.) Teams player to live up to the Parcells Nepotism Hype of actually being a linebacker, then we may have a defense this year. It’s Booby or Bust. Why a first round pick can’t crack the starting line up is beyond me… which is not a lot more than a 4-iron actually. Our signature 3-4, which is really a 5-2 as I’ve pointed out before, has been fortified with Tank in the middle at NG. Now that he’s had a full off-season with the Cowboys he should show us what he can really do, which is wreak havoc on the line for opposing offenses. D. Ware Major Stud. Nuff said. Our secondary should be much improved over last season. But we don’t play the game on paper now do we. Having great players means that they make great plays. Through the first two preseason games, we’re still waiting.

Our kick coverage still sucks, both on punts and kickoffs. Giving the other team a big chunk of yardage on every change of possession is killing us in the field position game. This must be corrected, or we’re in serious trouble all year.

Bottom line is that this is Wade’s year to prove that he can win. We have 13 returning Pro Bowl players on this team: 7 on offense, 5 on defense, and our placekicker. It should be like sending our Olympic Basketball team to play France. Anything less than winning it all will be considered a disappointment. Wade’s job is to get the ‘Boys focused on doing their jobs and not listening to the hype of their own press.

I just hope we beat the shit out of Cleveland on Opening Day. Kill Joe!

Go Cowboys!

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Cowboys Faithful,

The Best Team In Football had to evacuate the dining facilities at training camp on Monday after it was determined that an attack upon the food supply had occurred. The Texas chili that was served had been unknowingly infused with rare and potent foreign pinto beans causing an abhorrent gaseous emission from those that had ingested the lunchtime entrée. Head coach Wade Phillips thought he was back in Texas for a moment, and that he was downwind from the Houston ship channel. Owner and General Manager, Jerry Jones said,” I thought Nate Newton was in there!”

The perpetrators of the terrorist act were eventually caught. Two members of the Islamic Football League team, the Baghdad Camelbackers, were apprehended and identified as linebacker Hous bin Pharteen, and his cousin, defensive tackle Dev al bin Pharteen. As they were being lead away, they were heard yelling, ”Death to America’s Team! We can to beat you with tied behind our back the hand to wipe ass the with.” Camp broke the next day.

Now our Cowboys are in lower case d (Denver) to play the donkeys. The brilliant minds at Dove Valley (the broncos training center) closed the practices and did not allow any fans to attend any of the joint sessions with The Best Team In Football. I was pissed. I had Wed. afternoon off and was ready to go and watch practice. Oh well. I have tickets to the game.

Now we get to see who is on the bubble to get cut. Adam “Don’t call me Pacman” Jones looks mighty rusty on defense, and has been getting torched on deep routes, but we won’t dare cut him. All the young running backs behind MB3, Felix “the cat” Jones, and Tashard Choice look sol for a roster spot. On the O-line, Marten, Free and McQuistan all look like good backups. Brad Johnson looks like a statue. Maybe he needs to visit Oil Can Harry’s and get “loosened up”.

Gotta go. Jessica just called and told me to “Come On Over”.

Go Cowboys!

p.s. Kill Joe