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Alright, alright,

We’ve had enough out of the media. Let’s just play the damn game already.

It’s now time to separate the men from the boys, and Eli from his boyfriend. We gotta win this game. The Cowboys need T.O. in a major way this week, and his ankle better be good to go or we may be in trouble. Now, I’m the first to say that the concerns of not playing well late in the season are valid, if not scary, but this team was 13-3 this year. Let’s see what we’ve got in the playoffs. I have full confidence that we can, for the third time this season, abuse the new jersey midgets, and send She-li home crying to his mommy. How about 13 for 38, 157 yards, 3 int’s, 0 td’s, 6 sacks and 2 lost fumbles. Sound like a good day for Manning? Dude.

Tony needs to exploit their defense, use all of his offensive weapons, and throw 4 td passes. He also needs to learn to run for a first down if there’s nothing open to throw to instead of always trying to pass into coverage. He could have run for a td in the Redskins game if he wanted to. But no, he threw to a blanketed Witten in the end zone for an incompletion. Oh well. We just need to out throw, out rush, and out hit those filthy bastards.

Prediction: Dallas 30 – NYG 23

Go Cowboys!

Kill Joe.

p.s. I hope the Jags smack the shit out of Tom Brady

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