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Cowboys Nation,

We have now seen our beloved Cowboys (The Best Team In Football) struggle with inferior opponents for the last three weeks in a row. Barely getting past Detroit in the final seconds. Losing to Philadelphia in a game where we never got on track offensively. A never really close, but lackluster performance in the win last Saturday against the Panthers. All of the things we didn’t want to see in the weeks leading up to the playoffs. But that’s what we got, and that’s where we are.

There seems to be a lot of talk on tv about how many injuries we have and how “teams have figured us out”. I hope we haven’t shot the whole wad yet, and that there’s still some lead left in the old offensive pencil. T.O. is definitely out for the Redskins game with the high ankle sprain he suffered in the Carolina game, and we still don’t have an answer on when Terry Glenn will be joining the party on the field yet. And can someone please tell me why Stanback is continually sidelined for every game instead of suiting up and going deep to stretch the defense? Just one deep sideline pattern or a deep post. Just one! Let’s see what this kid can do. We spent a fourth round draft choice on him. I think we’ll probably rest most of our starters against Washington, since the Bears did us the enormous favor of beating the shit out of Green Bay…again! (The Packers got to play the horribly deficient AFC West this year, not the Patriots like us.)

The problem, morally, that I’m having is that the Redskins are in a “win and in” situation against us for the playoffs. It’s bad enough that the Giants are already in the playoffs, I don’t want to see Washington in there too. But this game is relatively meaningless to us in terms of the standings. We already own the best record in the NFC and home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. (That was the goal, ya know.) It’s only meaningful to us because we have the opportunity to beat the shit out of the Foreskins again this year, and shut them out of the playoffs…which would be tremendously satisfying. Kinda like one of Chip’s weekends.

I hope the Giants smack the shit out of Tom Brady. (kill Joe!)

Prediction: Dallas 24 – Washington 23

Go Cowboys!

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