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What? 10-6? TEN TO SIX???? Are they kidding? What the fuck just happened? (didn’t the Rockies say that after game 4 in the World Series?)

We ran the ball 15 times. We completed 13 passes. That’s a total of just 28 positive plays all day. Once again we make a mediocre team look like they’re loaded with All-Pros. Why is it that we can’t seem to get stronger in the weeks leading up to our playoff run? Will this be another December Debacle? Tony was throwing passes all over the place, but not to his receivers. When he finally did throw it to Owens, he drops it. Was there a big Cowboys players party on Saturday night that Jessica Simpson brought all of her hottie girlfriends to. The whole team looked hung-over. I think McNabb outrushed our entire team.

It’s absolutely amazing to me that we could get 5 yards per carry on our opening drives, and still have three consecutive 3-and-outs. Oh yeah, I forgot. We couldn’t complete a pass in the first quarter, and yet we continued to throw incompletion after incompletion, and NOT run the ball. Hey Wade, if something’s not working, do the thing that IS working! This team is too good to keep on making bonehead mistakes. Like getting a first-and-goal, and throwing a pick in the end zone, instead of pounding the ball into the end zone on the ground.

If we continue to play like this, then our January schedule will be very limited, and forget playing in February. Cowboys Nation will not be a happy place if we let a spectacular season such as this slip away into oblivion. It won’t even matter if someone finally does smack the shit out of Tom Brady. We just better beat Carolina on Saturday night. Hey! Maybe we can play the game BEFORE the big party this week. Throw a TD pass, bang Jessica. Get a sack, bang Jessica’s friend. You get the idea.

Prediction: Dallas 24 – Carolina 21

We really need to kill Joe this week.

Go Cowboys!

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