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Yes, the sound you just heard was that of a CLINCH!

While all of Cowboys Nation was collectively chewing the last nubs off of their fingernails on Sunday afternoon, I had full confidence that we would win that game over Detroit. I was nervous, but confident. Tony Romo however, still had a smile on his face as he lead The Best Team In Football down the field 83 yards in the last two minutes of the game with no time outs left for the winning touchdown. And he’s bangin’ Jessica Simpson. I loooove football.

Witten had a career day to go along with the winning TD catch with 18 seconds left in the game. That’s what happens when they try to triple team T.O. and take him out of the game. Tony has too many weapons at his disposal, and he ain’t afraid to use ‘em. My favorite part of the game was watching Kitna scream and cuss on the sideline. He about turned purple after Hanson missed that field goal. What a douche! I have no idea why we couldn’t sack him all day. Can someone please tell me why our defense gives up so much passing yardage? Our secondary gets shredded more than Ollie North’s files. How about stepping IN FRONT of a few passes for a change! There’s no way we can beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl if we can’t stop the pass. Unless, of course, someone finally smacks the shit out of Tom Brady, then the Patsies are worthless. Let them try and beat us with Mr. Clipboard.

Now our 12 – 1 Cowboys head back home to face the Egirls in our last home game of the regular season. (We’ll be hosting the post-season party at Texas Stadium this year.) Let’s not mince words; the Iggles suck this year. Good. I’m tired of them. But again, they’re not good enough to hate. And after the bullet we just dodged in Detroit, I’m looking for complete domination on Sunday. Sweeping Philly will be sweet. Donna McNabb will have nowhere to run. He’ll be served up a heapin’ helpin’ of Doomsday, with a little turf for dessert. I love home cooking.

Prediction: Dallas 38 – Philadelphia 17

Go Cowboys!

Kill Joe!

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