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Cowboys Nation,

First of all, good win against Green Bay. We looked great against Bert Favre, but looked less than excellent against Aaron Rodgers. (I figure if the guy can’t spell or pronounce his last name correctly, why not misspell his first name too.) We were sacking Favre and forcing him into mistakes, and then we blow the whole thing and injure him. He was doing more damage to his own team than we could have hoped for, then we ruin it. Then Rodgers comes in and we make him look All-Pro. I think our defense let up a little when Favre left the game. Oh well. Tony looked great (again) and would have had a clean game with no interceptions if T.O. hadn’t pulled the unco-tard move of the night and gifted Al Harris with a pick in the end zone. The ball hits him in the chest and then he scoops it to Harris, like, “here, you take it”. It’s just a good thing that this year’s Cowboys can overcome a lot of those kinds of mistakes and still win.

We have now gotten to 11-1, which is where we need to be coming into the home stretch of the season.

Now we face the Motor City Kittens…without their best player, former Longhorn Roy Williams. Maybe we can shut up their bigmouthed QB and sack him 8 times and pick him off 4 times en route to a good old-fashioned ass-whippin’ in Detroit. I just love that new car smell.

The Ravens almost beat the Patsies on Monday night. They were a stupid coaching ill-timed forth down time out call away from winning. At least they sacked Brady a few times and frustrated him into some hurried decisions. New England is beatable. We have ‘em right where we want ‘em. Kill Joe!

Prediction: Dallas 42 – Detroit 20

Go Cowboys!

p.s. sorry about the two week 12 updates. I lost count on the weeks, and am not tristadectaphobic.

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