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Cowboys Nation,

We got past our three Divisional opponents relatively unscathed. Three wins, and only one minor injury (Patrick Crayton). No one expected the Jets to be all that tough to beat, and they weren’t. Terrence Newman came up big with key interceptions in the last two games, stopping a late drive against the Deadskins, and returning one for a touchdown against the Jets. It didn’t seem like we played all that great in the last two games against clearly inferior teams. I think if we play the same way on Thursday, then we may just get beat.

I think so far this season the Packers are overachieving. But now is the time that we must separate the wheat from the chaff, the men from the boys, and the awkwardly feminine from the possibly Canadian. Yes, we have to play our best to beat the Fudgepackers. This will not be a gimme. The big issue here is our porous pass defense. We’ve given up huge amounts of yardage to several QB’s this season, including Brady, Campbell, and She-li Manning. We need a healthy Anthony Henry, and good safety play in the middle of the field. We need to bust up some passes over the middle, instead of watching them play pitch and catch. We need to jump some short passes in the flat and return them for touchdowns. Actually, what we really need is for DeMarcus Ware to firmly plant his helmet into Favre’s chest on the first play of the game. Just watch. Green Bay will probably “try to establish the run” against our defense. It ain’t gonna be git R done. It’s gonna be shut R down. Vegas has the Cowboys favored by 6.5. I hope we win by double digits.

Of note; the Vegas line has the Patriots 14 point favorites over Dallas in the Super Bowl as of this morning. Not if we smack the shit out of Tom Brady.

It has been a sad season for the Longhorn Nation, having lost to both OU and A&M. Maybe UT will let Mack go out and buy a good defense like OU does.

Prediction: Dallas 27 – Green Bay 17

Go Cowboys!

Kill Joe.

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