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Cowboys Nation,
This just in… the road to the playoffs does in fact go through Philadelphia. Right through Philadelphia. In midseason. Easily. Like a steamroller.

Cowboys Nation, it was a satisfying victory over the Egirls on Sunday night, who never really gave us the tough game we anticipated. Tony had another 300 yard passing day, and T.O. ripped his old team a new one with 10 catches for 174 yards. The All-Madden play of the year was turned in by Jason Witten with his helmetless 53 yard reception in the second half. Both JJ and MB3 scored on goal-to-go runs, and our defense played one of its best games of the year.

Now we get to go to the Swamplands in new jersey to play the gnats. Ooooooo. They’re on a six game winning streak. Ooooooo. They’re amazing. Ooooooo. Their defense has only allowed 13 points a game during their six wins.


The giants have played six teams that are a combined 13-30, NOT counting the 6 losses to the giants. Eli(zabeth) Manning is a whiny man-baby that cries in the huddle. He couldn’t lead a team if he was strapped to a dog sled. The only rush he can escape is that of the thrill of victory. And he throws like a girl.

We will assert our dominance in the NFC East on Sunday.

Prediction: Dallas 27 – NYG 17

Go Cowboys!

p.s. Can someone please smack the shit out of Tom Brady!

Kill Joe!

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