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Cowboys Faithful,

So far, we are looking pretty good in the preseason…which we all know doesn’t count. I’ll run down a few major and minor points concerning The Best Team In Football.

First, I’m very unhappy to report that I am most likely going to be right (again) that Greg Ellis will not make the anticipated full recovery from Achilles tendon surgery that Valley Ranch so optimistically predicted this Spring…and continues to predict today. It’s sad to see such a great, solid player like Ellis not return to form, but life goes on. We now get to throw our first round draft pick Anthony Spencer into the mix for Opening Night against Eli(zabeth) Manning and the giants of new jersey. I hope it’s a 35-0 trouncing and Tom Coughlin pops a vein while yelling at his inept offense.

Second, it appears that our boys Fasano and Carpenter are progressing, albeit slower than I’d like. Fasano seems to be able to get open downfield against 2nd string linebackers this preseason, and Booby Carpenter continues to be our standout 2nd string linebacker and Special Teams First Round draft pick. Even with Ellis out, he can’t crack the starting lineup. Kinda reminds us of Kevin Burnett. But at least Burnett was a 2nd Round draft pick. Here’s hoping Carpenter can show us all why Parcells picked him so high.

Third, Tony Romo is the real deal. He looks sharp. He’s running the offense well, making good reads, avoiding the rush when it comes, and making smart football decisions. Look for Tony to have a great year. He’s got more weapons on offense to utilize than anyone else in the league. He may not lead the NFL in passer rating this year, but he may lead the NFL in points scored, which is definitely more important. With that huge, beefy O-line he should be able to do what he wants back there.

Next, our running backs look improved and fresh. I’d like to see Julius and MB3 combine for 2200 yards this year. Teams keep looking for MB3 to get it near the goal line, so we need to start putting the rock into Julius’ hands and let him score more.

Jason Witten is a star. ‘nuff said.

Our wide receivers will continue to benefit from Romo’s accuracy and a strong running game. T.O. should lead the league in TD receptions again this year. The only reason he didn’t make the Pro Bowl last year was personality issues, plain and simple. Thankfully it’s been a quiet T.O. Public Relations summer.

Next, I’m looking for huge seasons from a number of players this year. As a team, this translates into a great year. You all know me, I make predictions more with my heart than with my head, so here goes. These are my 2007 season predictions:

- We go 13-3 on the season

- We win the NFC East

- We send 7 players to the Pro Bowl

- We have 3 All-Pro’s (DeMarcus Ware, Owens and Roy Williams)

- We have a top 5 Offense in yards per game avg in the NFL

- We lead the league in Defensive 3rd down stops pct

- Romo throws less than 8 picks all season

- Our Defense has a 50+ sack season

- Another ring, the first franchise with six, and the return to glory

On a sadder note, I was very sorry to see Broncos DE Ebenezer Ekuban go down with an Achilles tendon tear in our second preseason game. As we all will remember, he was a first round draft pick of the Cowboys in 1999, and he is a good friend of Greg Ellis. At least they can commiserate.

I’ll keep the updates coming throughout the season.