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Cowboys Faithful,

Is the stress over, or have we just begun? Jerry Jones did his thing on Saturday and Sunday and as a result we have some new Cowboys on the roster. The best thing that he did was to trade out of the 22nd pick spot, send that to Cleveland, and pick up their first round pick next year. That was extremely smart because it’s unlikely that Cleveland will be better than 8-8 next season; giving us a higher draft pick than #22 in ’08. Some of the other trades that took place look a little pointless to me, but then I was not in the War Room when they occurred either. For instance, why move up 10 spots to #26 to take a guy that would’ve been there at #36? Why move out of the second round all together? Why do we move up 15 spots in the 7th round? Again, I’m just the casual (if not die-hard) observer. What do I know?

Let’s review the picks:

Anthony Spencer DE/LB Purdue R-1 #26 overall

James Marten OT/G Boston College R-3 # 67 overall

Isaiah Stanback (not Staubach) QB/WR Washington R-4 #103 overall

Doug Free OT/G Northern Illinois R-4 #122 overall

Nick Folk K Arizona R-6 #178 overall

Deon Anderson FB Connecticut R-6 # 200 overall

Courtney Brown CB Cal-Poly R-7 #212 overall

Alan Ball CB Illinois R-7 #237 overall

My take:

First of all, why do we pick another DE/LB? I’ll tell you why. We are still looking for the second coming of Charles Haley. We haven’t had a pass rush since Charles Haley played. This also speaks to the issue of the underachieving Marcus Spears, the slow development of Chris Canty, the likelihood of Greg Ellis not returning from his Achilles tear, and what a colossal bust of a first round pick Bobby Carpenter was last year. Maybe Spencer is the answer, and Carpenter is our #1 draft pick special teams player. I know we all dream about finding that perfect first round pick to play special teams. I blame Parcells. And don’t get me started on Anthony (I’m still in love with Mark Bavaro) Fasano.

Isaiah Stanback looks to be in the mold of Antwaan Randle El. Fast, athletic, good hands, will tryout for the third receiver position, and can throw the WR reverse option. I’m not sure if he’s the 103rd best player in college football, or if we needed him. All the NFL “experts” say the Cowboys need receivers. I think we have five good ones already.

Marten and Free, good picks. We always need good O-line help, and our luck with draft picks lately has been mostly bad. The Offensive linemen that we’ve drafted in the past few years all seem to get hurt and never pan out like we expected. Let’s hope our luck is changing with Wade Phillips in charge now.

We drafted a kicker? Dallas never drafts kickers! This guy had better be good…for a long time. The book on Folk says that he makes the other team start from the 20 almost every time. That’s a good thing. It also says that he’s an 8 for 13 FG attempt type of guy. That’s a not so good thing.

We drafted a FB. Two things: We need a good lead blocker who can catch the ball (better than Lousaka Polite), and we need a special teams animal (not Bobby Carpenter). This guy Deon Anderson looks to be that guy. Good pick.

Now we get to the area of need that I thought we should have addressed in the first round; cornerback. Anthony Henry is a good tackler, if he keeps the play in front of him. The problem is that the play usually ends up behind him. The Giants took the guy I wanted, Aaron Ross, two picks in front of us, so we traded with the Browns. But not addressing this need until the seventh round bothers me. I’ve read up on these two guys, and I’m hopeful. Courtney Brown has the potential to be great. Alan Ball probably won’t make the team.

That’s my rant for now. I’ll keep the updates coming. As usual, I’ll continue to be like the referee: I call’em like I see ‘em.

See ya.

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Fellow Cowboys Faithful,

If we draft Ted Ginn, Jr., then I’m gonna be super-pissed. Not just pissed, but super-pissed. I mean reeeeaallllyy pissed. We need a top Cornerback, and there are some excellent prospects in the first round that should be available at the #22 spot. Even if we do draft for Offense in the first round, please anyone but that over-hyped little Ohio St. boy. I’d love to see Darrelle Reevis or Aaron Ross with a star on his helmet. I’d rather have Dwayne Jarrett than Ted Ginn if we’re thinking WR. Hopefully Wade Phillips is thinking Defense first.

I’ll keep you updated on my preferences, and my thoughts of how we faired after it’s done.

Go Cowboys!