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We need Bill Cowher. Jerry needs to pony up the due and get him in there asap.

Other head coaching options would be second best.

Go Cowboys!

See ya

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OK. The sun did in fact come up on Sunday after the ‘Boys did not win on Saturday night last week. I hesitate to say that we “lost”, because we beat them in every facet of the game. We just did not put the points on the board when we needed to at the end of the game. The Seahawks got incredibly lucky, to say the least. I also think that the Cowboys could have, and should have had they the opportunity, beaten the Bears, who squeaked by in OT against Seattle. Oh well. I still would rather have Tony Romo on my team than most of the other starting QB’s in the league. Exceptions may be Brees and Brady. I’d rather have Romo than Hasselbeck, Grossman, Rivers, McNair, Pennington, Garcia, McNabb, Losman, Harrington, Vick, Green, Bulger, Leinart or Manning…either one of them. I’m on the fence about VY. I do think he’d look good with a star on his helmet. I don’t blame Romo for the loss. Again, I blame Parcells. Had he had in place an emergency contingency plan in case of a botched hold or snap, then Romo would have had a wide open TE in the end zone off the scramble. A simple toss for a TD. I’ve been calling for it for weeks, and it came back to bite us in the ass. Tenesmus is no way to start the year, or end the season.

That being said, we need to look forward. We have some glaring problems on this team.

1) Free Safety. Roy Williams needs help in the secondary desperately. If we can draft a good starter in April, then Roy can play Strong Safety like he was born to play it.

2) Left Cornerback. Anthony Henry was beaten like a rented mule all season. If he’d pull his weight, then Newman gets more picks.

3) Guard. Can somebody please teach these guys how to block and maybe open up a hole for JJ and MB3? Please?

4) DE/DT. Let’s face it, Caroline could block Marcus Spears. We need a PASS RUSH. Something we have not had since Charles Haley!

5) RB. Do we stick with Julius? I need help with this one.

6) QB. Bledsoe is likely gone. We need a good backup for Romo.

Now we need to see what’s out there. An increase in cap dollars will boost the free agent market. As for draft picks, I have a growing wish list. These guys are all juniors coming out early.

Darelle Revis, CB, Pitt

Eric Wright, CB, UNLV

Reggie Nelson, S, Florida

Marshawn Lynch, RB, Cal

Alan Branch, DT, Michigan

Jamaal Anderson, DE, Ark

Note: I think Brady Quinn will drop in the draft. He won’t be taken in the top 10.

Bleeding blue and silver,

Go Cowboys!

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So, we’re limping into the playoffs losing our last 3 home games to teams that we should have beaten. Our Offensive line is not blocking well enough to open holes for Julius and MB3, or enough to protect Tony. Romo used to have time to hit the open man. Now he’s scrambling into pressure. Note to Parcells: Tell Romo to throw the ball to Witten! Our TE has been the forgotten man during our December debacle.

Our Defensive line cannot generate enough pressure to force opposing QB’s into making mistakes. This has exposed our Secondary. Does the loss of Greg Ellis mean that much to this Defense? The fundamental tenet of the 3-4 is a strong pass rush – both from the front 3 and the outside LB’s. DeMarcus Ware has done his part. Where the hell is the rest of the team?

That leads us to our next set of problems. Bobby Carpenter looks like a bust for his Rookie season. No way we should have spent a first round draft pick on this guy. He was drafted because Parcells knows his dad, plain and simple. Second round draft pick Texans LB DeMeco Ryans was just awarded the Defensive Rookie of the Year. Obviously he was still on the board when we drafted Carpenter with the 19th overall pick. Our second round draft pick of ’06 was Anthony Fasano. Wow! He did a big fat nothing this year! We drafted him because he played at Notre Dame for Charlie Weiss (a former Parcells asst.). Somebody has got to tell Jerry and Bill not to kill this team with incestuous nepotism. Unfortunately, in the meantime, our overall team needs remain large in number.

On a more optimistic note, it may actually be a good thing that we did not win the NFC East. This means that we travel to Seattle to play our Wild Card game on Sat. Our road record was better than our home record this season. A dramatic change from years past. We also don’t have to face the Giants again, who would likely beat us the way we’ve been playing lately. I think the Seahawks are entirely beatable – even on their home turf. I mean, geez, the Forty-whiners beat ‘em twice this year.

And another thing, did everyone see the Fiesta Bowl, Dave? Boise State pulled it out over OU in dramatic fashion. Not quite the performance Vince Young gave in the ’06 Rose Bowl, but at least we got to see OU lose…for the 3rd straight time in a BCS Bowl.

Happy New Year!

Go Cowboys!